O + M is a design company specializing in interior design, stationery, invitations, branding & pillow-making. We believe that the best days are spent creating, beauty is in the details and a smile can change the world.

Ollie is the sweet little Jack Russell Terrier you see with a giant smile on her face. She's our adventure pup. She is the inspiration behind this creative brand. She has taught me more about life than any other soul. I've learned to forgive quickly. Always go to bed with a kiss + cuddle. Wag your tail everyday, especially on the days you don't want to. Eat the cookie. Be unapologetically you. You're just one run away from having a stellar day. Keep your heart open. Make sure everyone around you knows you love them. And most importantly, show compassion. You see, my days are simply better when Ollie is around. In fact, our best ideas come to fruition when we're together. 

Maeve is my middle name. Most people call me Aileen, but I've always loved the name Maeve. Maeve means 'joy' and Ollie means 'peace' - we're a perfectly matched duo. Maeve is the sassy bold side of me. She never gives up. She is always dreaming, and she has a little dog that she decided to form a brand with. 


This is Ollie + Maeve.

Oh! And that handsome fellow is my husband, Joshua James. He puts up with all of my crazy ideas, but more importantly, he keeps this little family grounded. 

We hope you love this brand & lifestyle as much as we do. 

With so much love,

O + M